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We are Susan Carey and Jamie Wyant

Susan and Jamie

We are Susan Carey and Jamie Wyant.  In 2017 we sold our Salem, Oregon home and most of our possessions and moved with five elderly pets to Valencia, Spain.

After Lizzie, the best dog ever, and two of our four cats died, it was time to try something different.  That's when we decided to ramble the world with one daypack, one suitcase, and one cat each.  Sadly, we lost Ricco to kidney failure along the way and now we are three.

We write about our rambles, personal experiences, and what we learn from the people and places we encounter. We hope to influence you, our gentle readers, to consider your own journeys, whether stationary or mobile, internal or external.

Meet Our Old Cat Teej

Teej, A black and white long haired cat sitting on a chair


Susan spent the last 16 years of her career at Willamette Humane.  Sometimes we had 13 or so cats counting the litters we fostered in our guest bathroom.  Jamie was such a softie that he almost always chose one or two foster kittens to add to our family.  That's how Teej (going on 21 yrs) came to be part of  our family.

Although he started out as the fiesty one in the family, Teej is a little cuddle buddy these days.  Seems that age is mellowing us all.

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