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Moving Your Pets to Spain? Five Things You NEED to Know

In Gentle Journeys by Susan & Jamie4 Comments

When we decided to spend our retirement in Spain, our biggest worry was how to get all five of our pets from the U.S. to Valencia. We spent hours on-line and made who knows how many phone calls, chasing down regulations, comparison shopping different airlines, and along the way we learned several lessons about moving to Spain with pets.

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Master The EU Pet Health Certificate Process Before Your Move to Spain

In Gentle Journeys by Susan2 Comments

As soon as we knew that we were moving to Spain with our dog Lizzie and her four cats, Jamie started researching the paperwork that we’d need to bring our pets into the European Union. …

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Moving to Valencia – Geez I Wish I’d Packed That

In Gentle Journeys by Susan4 Comments

Our shipment of household goods was estimated to be in Valencia within 6-12 weeks of our August 2nd pick-up. Since we had a detour to Wisconsin and weren’t going to be arriving for 5 weeks …

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Our Spanish Journey – Together and Apart

In Gentle Journeys by Susan8 Comments

We’ve had months to plan our transatlantic migration to Spain. But, no matter how we planned, how carefully we researched our options, no matter how successfully we negotiated the preliminaries, one deep and abiding worry …

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How We Got Our Non-Lucrative Spanish Residence Visa Application Right

In Gentle Journeys by Jamie234 Comments

×  Important Update   Our readers have been kind enough to share new information, so we put together an update on how to get your Spanish non-lucrative visa application right.    Read it here:  February 2019 …