Strasbourg on a cloudy day

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Could a lovelier city exist? Even a cold, cloudy day couldn’t dampen the beauty of Strasbourg. Perhaps publicity photos are never shot under gray skies but it didn’t detract from the beauty for us.

These Egyptian Geese were fellow visitors to Strasbourg

We’re not the only ones to make a visit to Strasbourg in one day and we can’t say it’s ideal. There is a lot to see and do.

Our one day visit did include easy navigation due to the lack of crowds in November, quick access in and out of sites like the Notre-Dame Cathedral or the Vaubaun bridge terrace. We were almost two weeks early to see the full splendor of Christmas decorations since the lights were not lit.

A truly impressive cathedral

The businesses in the district known as La Petite France – the absolutely charming, mostly pedestrian zone of the historic center, had some of the best (unlit) Christmas decorations that I have  seen.

We let our legs carry us everywhere like we do in every city and we found many pedestrian areas due to the city’s decision to have free car parks at the end of every tram line. There are the usual city tour trains, buses, and boat options that you will find in any big city if walking is not your thing.

A worried resident contemplating the rain.

The one area we couldn’t cover in our one day visit is the European District which houses the Council of Europe. We walked right up to it but didn’t have time to look around before catching our train.

The Council of Europe began in 1949 with a partnership with France and Germany. Today, 47 countries are members of the Council and they meet in Strasbourg to solve societal problems, strengthen political stability, and defend human rights. This is not the same as the 27 member states of the European Union that meets in Brussels, but all members of the EU are members of the Council.

As outsiders trying to understand the European Union processes, we would have loved to tour the educational facility known as The Lieu d’Europe which opened to the public in 2004. If you are interested and planning a trip, this link will help  And, of course, the Strasbourg tourist information site is a great resource.

Susan Carey retired in 2017 after a long business career.  She writes about her experiences as a vagabond in Europe.  Susan shares her gentle life with her husband, Jamie.

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