Living Gently in the World. What can we do with the time that lies ahead of us, open and unstructured?

Welcome Gentle Readers,

This website is dedicated to exploring thoughtful, gentle living.

Now that we've retired and downsized, we’re experiencing a kind of freedom we haven't enjoyed for decades. We've reached a point in life where we can take a completely different direction from the one that made us who we are.  And we're hungry to rekindle some of the dreams that have been dormant since our youth. Dreams like:

  • connecting with people in other cultures,
  • learning simply for the love of it,
  • pushing ourselves to explore new ways of leading our ordinary lives in a meaningful way, and
  • doing some good along the way.

We are doing our best to share genuine accounts of our transition from the relentless pace of the workaday world in the United States --a pace akin to a washing machine stuck on the spin cycle when the load is out of balance -- to living gently in the world. When we unplugged from that thumping, shuddering lifestyle we set our lives on Gentle Cycle.

Susan Carey and Jamie Wyant
Jamie and Susan are retired Americans living gently in Valencia, Spain.

 We hope to make GentleCycle a creative, meaningful, and helpful resource.  Like the unfolding of all new efforts, all change, sometimes our aspirations far exceed our actual capacity.  This page is an example. It points to where we intend to go, perhaps as a challenge to make it so.  Bear with us as we endeavor to fill GentleCycle in the coming months and years.

We promise that what we produce will be our best effort.

Living Gently in the World

We share what we learn about ourselves and how we manifest our goals to live sustainably, thoughtfully, and balanced, both physically and mentally.

If you'd like to know more about our approach to gentle living, please read more about our gentle values and their measures.

   Life in Valencia   Our life in Spain is an important part of our efforts to live gently and to better understand ourselves and the world around us.  If you’re entertaining the idea of living overseas, particularly in Spain, you might find these articles interesting and maybe even useful.

Puenta del Mar in Valencia Spain

Pont de la Mar.  Valencia, Spain

Gentle Travel

  Gentle Travel is where we'll do our best to share whatever we've learned during our general poking about in Spain and elsewhere.

When we decided to move to Spain, we already knew we wanted to abandon car-centered travel.  And some of our early experiences traveling in the 21st century led us to question our roles in the environmental, social, and cultural damages that are caused by thoughtless, big business tourism.

That's why we're out to discover what's worthwhile about self-organized, slow, hopefully low impact travel focused on public transportation, cycle touring, trekking, walking tours and a purpose based travel philosophy.  You can read more about our emerging approach to gentle travel if you'd like.

A cycle tourist waiting on a train platform in England

Waiting for the morning train to Oxford.

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We don't have sponsored content on GentleCycle.  We want you to know we aren’t being paid to say or promote anything.  This is because we aim to keep our content  honest.  If we link to third party websites it is because we found the information there to be valuable or helpful.