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Our blog is dedicated to exploring thoughtful, gentle living.  We’ve done our best to make GentleCycle a creative, meaningful, and helpful resource.

In 2017 we thought we'd reached a point in life where we would take a completely different direction from the one that made us who we were.  We thought we were ready to rekindle some of the dreams that had been dormant since our youth.  Dreams like:

  • connecting with people in other cultures,
  • learning simply for the love of it,
  • pushing ourselves to explore new ways of leading our ordinary lives in a meaningful way, and
  • doing some good along the way.
Re-evaluating the world and our place in it…

In the spring of 2020 the world came to realize that the CV-19 pandemic was going to be a bigger problem than any of us anticipated.  As the weeks of social distancing and enforced lockdowns rolled out, we took time to explore how we want our life’s journey to turn out -- again.

We realized that to be truly meaningful this retirement thing will take a lot more thinking and talking, more research and more compromise than we thought. We’ve reconsidered our old choices and made new ones.

For the unforeseeable future we plan to be slow vagabonds, traveling light — one daypack, one suitcase and one cat per person.  We’ll spend two or three months here or six months there.  Open to what will be.  We will search out opportunities to “try on” a variety of cultures, environments, and ways of living.

Our lives and consequently this blog are likely to be quite different than what we left behind in October 2020.  Bear with us as we endeavor to fill GentleCycle with genuine accounts of our experiences, feelings, and thoughts.   We promise that what we produce will be our best effort.

Jamie and Susan are Retired Americans on a slow journey through life and Europe

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