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We said our final goodbye to Ricco.  Kidney failure took him from us on the day before his 19th birthday.  Of all the cats who have ever graced our lives, this boy was the most gentle little friend.  We called him “Baby Ricco” because he loved to be held and carried about.

There was a time when we had to “count the cats” to be sure they were all with us.  When that count came up short, it was usually Ricco who’d gone missing.  He was our cat of high and hidden spaces.  We’d find him atop 12 foot tall cabinets or closed in the crawl space.

Once he even disappeared in a small hotel room.  An empty small hotel room!  While we were in the process of checking out.  We spent a frantic hour or two fruitlessly searching the entire hotel and its grounds.  In near despair, we finally decided to spend another night and checked back in to the same room, where – there he was, perched, unperturbed on the corner of the bed.  We never did figure out where he was hiding, the little bugger.

We came to Valencia in 2017 with five senior companion animals knowing full well that they were aging quickly, that time and the universe would soon reclaim them from us.  Now our family is diminished by four.  It doesn’t get any easier this losing of cherished friends.

Jamie  wants “life on gentle cycle” to be a story of enough rather than a search for more.  His focus is on simplicity, quiet presence, low impact travel, and mostly on living gently. He also manages the technical aspects of GentleCycle.net


  1. Dear Susan and Jamie,

    I am so sorry for your loss(es)! My husband and I came to Valencia in January 2019 with our three senior cats–aged 20, 11, and 10–and by October we’d lost Tristan (the 20-year-old) . Then, at the end of June this year, we learned that the kidneys of Nori, still only 13 years old, failed. He left us in early August. Now Jasper is the last ‘man’ standing. The pain of losing a beloved pet is excruciating, and I know you’ve mourned losing Ricco the rascal long and deep. But remember that our dear four-legged companions will live forever in our hearts, and we’re thankful that they brought us joy, laughter, and love for as long as they did.

    Be well, and travel safe. You two are an inspiration for all!

    1. Author

      Thanks ever so much for your thoughtful remarks Marlene. As you know from your own experience, loosing a a small friend and companion is heartbreaking. When the losses stack up in rapid succession it seems even harder. Then, somehow the hurt is transformed into loving memories and the joy of having shared years and years with such wonderful pals.

      Susan and Jamie

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