Renewing Our Non-lucrative Visas in Valencia

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Spanish Non-lucrative Visa Form EX-01

Our first year of retirement living in Valencia, Spain passed so quickly, we might not have remembered to renew our non-lucrative visas if it hadn’t popped up on our calendars. That would have been a problem, because if you don’t renew your visa in a timely manner, you have to go back to square one and start with a new application through a Spanish consulate in the U.S.

We all remember how much fun that was, don’t we?

Fortunately, the non-lucrative visa renewal process in Spain is not arduous, and you have plenty of time. You can get started as early as 60 days prior to the expiration of your current visa and if you are really willing to risk it, you have until 90 days after your visa expires to get the renewal process completed.

Application Form EX-01

You will probably remember the EX-01 application form that you filled out for your original visa application. You will need one copy for each applicant, including children and you only need to fill in the first two pages.

  1. In Section 4, select:
    1. 1ª Renovación, and then
    2. Titular de autorización de residencia no lucrativa previa Inicial/Renovada”.
Segment of from Ex-01 for first renewal of Spanish residence visa

Here's where your Form EX-01 is different for the renewal.

Proof of Financial Means

In 2018 the minimum per month was €2,130.04 plus €532.51 euros for each family member. You can submit:

  • Spanish bank statements,
  • U.S. financial institution statements, or
  • a combination of U.S. and Spanish statements.

Financial documents issued in countries other than Spain must be no older than three months at the moment of filing the application. Officially, the statements must also be notarized in the country of origin and translated into Spanish by an authorized translator.

We worried ourselves silly over trying to get a notarized copy of a U.S. financial statement, neither our credit union nor our investment company would oblige, so we ended up just submitting a translated copy of our U.S. joint brokerage account.  That worked.

Proof of Health Insurance

You can bring a copy of your health insurance policy and a receipt of your most recent payment.  We asked our insurance broker to provide proof with a certificate from the insurer with the coverage and the policy number, etc.


Bring your passports and photocopies of all the pages, including the blank pages.

Residency Cards

You need to bring your current residency card and one photocopy.

Certificate of Registration with the Municipality

Do you remember getting a Certificado de Empadronamiento when you registered with the municipality (Ayuntamiento)? You’ll need to dig that out. If you changed residences, you should have notified the local government of your new address.

Proof of the Fee Payment

The visa renewal fee is €15.90 per applicant. Use Form 790, code 052.

Those are the forms and copies you should have in hand when you go to turn in your non-lucrative visa renewal application.

Now for the real shocker…

If you’re in Valencia, no appointment is needed to file the residency renewal application. Just bring everything to the office at Carrer de Joaquim Ballester, 39. They scan all the documents and they do not keep the originals.

We turned in our renewal application in the vacation month of August. Our financial documents weren't immediately accepted but once we turned in all the acceptable documents it took about four weeks to finish everything. We used Linda from Moving to Valencia to help us and it was -- as we've repeated many times -- an excellent decision.

Jamie Wyant is a retired American.  After living in Valencia, Spain, he set out on a long, slow journey with his wife, Susan.  He writes about the joys and tribulations of living and traveling gently.  Jamie also manages the technical aspects of
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  1. Do other communities allow walk-in? ie Palma?

    I try every day online and can’t get an appointment. I’ve clicked through the beginning pages of the online application ans it needs a “key” code of some sort and doesn’t say how to get one.

  2. Other than your passport stamps, what proof did you show you were in Spain (versus in another part of EU where they don’t stamp the passport)?

    1. Author

      We didn’t use any other documents. The passports, along with the Padrón de Habitantes, were enough.

  3. Do you know anything about renewing 2nd year NIE online? I just confirmed with CAB (Citizen Advise Bureau) that we can do it. Is there a benefit of renewing online (for example, faster)? We are a bit dubious about online because we feel it can be like a black hole – not knowing where the documents go and who to follow up with.

    1. Author

      Sorry for the delay in our response. We’ve been on a cycling holiday.

      I cannot really provide any advice regarding renewing a residence visa on-line. I know that it is possible, but we chose to do it in person. The visa renewal was really quite easy, even though we had to provide additional financial documentation (due to a change in the criteria that we weren’t aware of). If we’d had everything right the first time it would have been a matter of 30 minutes or so. Getting an updated id card from the national police was just the same process as the original time.

  4. Why were your financial documents not immediately accepted?
    And, the payment form is 052 (not 520)

    1. Author

      Based on others’ experiences we submitted out local bank records to demonstrate one year’s worth of finances. However, the guidance had been changed to require a two year reserve.

      You are entirely correct it is form 052. Thanks for catching it.

    2. Just did my renewal yesterday and wanted to let folks know the office has moved to Carrer de Mestres, 2 – much more convenient if you are in the city center.

  5. Thank you for the thorough post.
    I was wondering what the stay requirements are to renew again in 2 years. Would you have to spend the entire 2 years in Spain or is it half of that?

    1. Our best understanding is that you must maintain residence in Spain, that suggests you need to spend a minimum of 183 days each calendar year in country. The other requirement we were warned about is that you need to have proof that you’ve fulfilled your “tax obligation.”
      Susan and Jamie

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