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Why We Started Streaking at Our Age

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I remember streaking back in the 1970’s. I even tried it a few times…with friends under the cloak of darkness when not many people were around. It was a youthful indulgence. But, that’s not the …

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I Thought My Stuff Was Different

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I thought my stuff was different, confessions after a first time garage sale. We aren’t garage sale types. Working for a nonprofit that operates a thrift store has been a constant reminder of how we …

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On Leaving Our Pets Behind

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We’re heading to Spain and we’ll be leaving many of our pets behind.  No we aren’t heartless creeps who abandon pets when it’s a little inconvenient.  The only pets we’ll be leaving behind don’t have …

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President Trump and Americans Abroad

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President Trump’s Immigration Policy Didn’t Resonate in Spain.While we were on a trip to Valencia, Spain to check out our new home possibilities, President Trump said in a press conference, “other countries have been taking …

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A Day on Blue Bikes in Valencia

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After three days of walking Valencia’s old city (Ciutat Vella) and the surrounding neighborhoods our feet were more than ready for a rest, so we decided to tour the outer ring of Valencia by bike. …

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Planning Tools for Our International Move

In Other Posts by Jamie

It’s time to get serious about turning that unorganized information into a stepwise action plan. Pet passports, visas, insurance, international banking,… when you’re moving to a new country there’s a lot to be done. And …

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Picking Up Spanish Fast With An Online Language Exchange

In Moving to Spain by Jamie4 Comments

I only have a year before our big move to Valencia. A few weeks ago it dawned on me that I’ll need to open a bank account and negotiate an apartment lease – in Spanish! …

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We’re Headed to Spain

In Moving to Spain by Jamie6 Comments

It’s been a couple years, probably more, that we’ve been thinking of the next phase of our lives — living on gentle cycle.  We’ve been ready for that change, but…. what to do, where to …