Living Gently
“Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved in experimenting with his own life.”
Herbert Otto

Living gently in the world is a whole life process not a one time choice.  We are deeply committed practitioners AND we are incredibly inconsistent practitioners.

It’s hard to be good when convenient or inexpensive options come with non-gentle externalities: when so many businesses are dedicated to obscuring the full costs of our economic choices.  It’s hard to maintain an attitude of loving kindness around people you just plan old don’t like.   So pointing out when we are being hypocritical is, well, pointless.  We already know.

What does it take to bring clarity to the array of choices the lead to living gently?  How do we nurture what we need and let go of those things that hold us back?  Ah, those are the questions we continue to explore here.

We think that learning and embracing true gentle living is a tough journey — the journey of our lifetimes.

Growing Our Souls

Growing our souls is like a super value.  It is the foundation of every other value in our value bound life.
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Active Living

Three cyclist take a break along the Túria River
Maintaining an active lifestyle has brought an abundance of reward to our lives.
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Profiles in Gentle Living

People living gently
Occasionally we encounter a special someone who seems to us to be living an unusually calm and gentle life. These are regular people, imperfect like all of us, but trying.
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Gentle Food

Gentle food
We find great joy in preparing and sharing simple meals.  When it comes to food, we choose a gentle path so we like to explore the local interpretations of nonviolent food in the places we visit.
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