Our Long-stay in Mairena, Spain

Mairen, a village in the Alpujarra region of Spain
The village of Mairena in Spain's Alpujarra region is our first long-stay stop on what we expect (hope) will be a very slow, long journey.
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Adios to Mairena

As the first stage of our vagabond journey comes to a close, six months in a tiny village was an…


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Exploring the Mid-Alpujarra on Foot

We came to a small Alpujjaran village six months ago. Little did we realize how much walking we’d be doing…


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Official Spanish Residents… Again

Our Spanish resident visa renewal was a doozy this time. It took nearly nine months to complete our second non-lucrative…


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Finding our food in a small Alpujarran village

Friends who know that Jamie and I are plant based eaters asked how we’re managing in Mairena, the tiny Alpujarran…


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A room with a view

For the first time ever, Susan and I have our morning coffee in a room with a view.  Sitting quietly,…


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The Surprising History of Júbar’s Church

What can this unassuming church in a tiny village tell us about village life centuries ago? Well, it turns out…


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Olive Harvest in the Alpujarra

When December rolls around it’s time to harvest olives destined to be pressed for their oil at the local olive…


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Alistair: A Profile in Gentle Living

I admire Alistair; he’s found his way to a fulfilling, gentle life.  He doesn’t look forward with anticipation or backwards…


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Walking to Ugíjar

Every morning while Susan and I are sipping coffee and waiting for sunrise, the street lights of the white villages…


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Castañas Asadas or Roasted Chestnuts

We’re all familiar with the December classic that begins, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”  Funny thing, I didn’t know…


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Granadas (Pomegranates) in Granada Province ES

Pomegranate season is officially over in the Alpujarra.  When we arrived in late October we had only a couple of…


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Tranquil the Whole Day Through

Our casita here in Mairena has a south facing terrace.  It’s a pleasant place.  I especially enjoy watching as clouds…