Horse police in Valencia

Important emergency telephone numbers in Spain

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Mounted police office in Valencia

Call 112 for emergencies in Spain

The responder will speak a number of languages. It is possible to fax or SMS the emergency number in case of disabilities. For medical emergencies you can visit the Emergency (Urgencias) department of any hospital.

Additional Emergency Numbers in Spain.

Call 061 or 112 for ambulance and health emergencies:
Call 080 or 112 for the Fire Department (Cuerpo de Bomberos)
Call 092 for the Policía Municipal:

The municipal police cover their local town or city area for traffic offences and control, lost property and crimes such as theft and neighborhood disputes.

Policia Nacional: Call 091

The national police mainly work at an urban level in the areas of terrorism, national security and combating crime. or visit and contact the appropriate department online.

Guardia Civil: Call 062

This is a military force that operates mostly in rural areas and is responsible for drug offences, fatal car accidents, robberies and murders.

Other Useful Telephone Numbers in Valencia
  • Valencia Regional Government Info: 012
  • Valencia City Hall Info: 010
  • Valencia Airport: 961 598 500
  • Valencia Bus Station: 963 466 266
  • Valencia Post Office: 963 516 750
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