How to Get a Senior Bus Pass in Valencia

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We live car-free here in Valencia.  The city is so compact we tend to walk almost everywhere we go.  But in the hot weather or when heading to the airport, or even if we’re just not in the mood, we love using the city’s well developed public transportation systems.

One thing we’ve noticed on our journeys is the dramatic differences in the demographics of metro users and bus passengers. On average, metro users are decidedly younger even though the price of an individual ride is the same on either system. The one big difference is the availability of the Bono Oro bus pass.

The Bono Oro bus pass is for those of us over 65, pensioners and disabled people. It allows unlimited use of all the EMT bus routes without exception from the moment the bus pass is paid for, until the end of the calendar year. And at 20 euros/year, it’s an excellent deal. There are some rules…

You need 65 years and 6 months

To be eligible for a Bono Oro, you need to be:

  • age 65+ years (or disabled or a pensioner),
  • a legal resident of Spain, and
  • a registered resident in Valencia for at least six months.

Cita Prèvia (appointment) Required

Because Bono Oro requests are processed at local municipal administrative offices, you will also need to make an appointment (Cita Prèvia) on the municipal web site.  You can find the Valencia Cita Prèvia webpage here.

Unfortunately, the city website doesn’t make it easy to figure out exactly where the local city offices are located. They each have their own page, so before you try to make your appointment, use the following list together with Google maps to find the office you want.

    • RUZAFA C/ Matías Perelló, 5 and 7. Tel.: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4245
    • ABASTOS C/ Alberique (main entrance Abastos Market). Tel.: (0034)
    • 963 525 478 Extension 4500
    • CIUTAT VELLA C/ Miguelete 1. Tel: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4159
    • MARÍTIMO C/ Francesc Cubells 58. Tel: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4257 and 4258
    • TRANSITOS C/ Conde de Lumiares 5 Tel.: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4367
    • EXPOSICIÓN C/ Guardia Civil s/n. (Alquería Martí) Tel.: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4331
    • PATRAIX C/ Beato Nicolás Factor number 1. Tel.: (0034) 963 525 478 Extension 4052 and 4053

Once you make the appointment and actually find the office, the rest of the process is really quite easy. They’ll check your NIE card and your residence registration document, make a photo of you, and issue the card right at the appointment. No need to make a return visit (what were they thinking?).

With your new Bono Oro in hand, all you have to do is stop by any Opencor shop, newsagent's, or other authorized kiosk in Valencia and top up the card with the appropriate full or prorated fee. You can pay at an EMT Customer Service Office too.

When we picked up our cards in 2018 the fees schedule was:

All year bus pass ..........18.00€ (from January to December)
9 months.......................13.50€ (from April to December)
6 months ........................9.00€ (from July to December)
3 months.........................4.50€ (from October to December)
Bono Oro card ............. 2.00 €

You can read about the Bono Oro regulations and procedures in English on the EMT website here.  

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