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Uprooted! I Didn’t Have a Checklist for That

In Moving to Spain by Jamie14 Comments

Susan and I had coffee with a fellow American who had recently arrived in Valencia.  As our conversation unfurled he quietly admitted that he’d been having second thoughts.  After two months he wasn’t “living the …

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An Independent, Family Owned Insurance Agency That’s Expat Friendly

In Moving to Spain, Valencia, Spain by Susan6 Comments

Julija Roslova, English speaking associate, and Ángel Giron Descalzo, Technical Director. We just had our annual insurance review.  I can’t describe how freeing it is to have nothing but health and renter’s insurance to discuss.  …

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How to Get Your Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa – February 2019 Update

In Moving to Spain by Jamie37 Comments

×  Important Notice  Please be aware that we received our non-lucrative visas in July of 2017.  It’s likely that some of the information included here and on our original post, How We Got Our Non-Lucrative …

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Sell It, Store It, or Send It to Spain?

In Moving to Spain by Jamie18 Comments

When Susan and I decided to move to Spain, we were living in a 2400+ square foot home that we‘d managed to comfortably fill during the 15 years we’d spent in Salem. When the time came to un-fill that house, to decide for every item we owned whether to Sell It, Store It, or Send It to Spain, we faced some pretty tough decisions.

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Moving Your Pets to Spain? Five Things You NEED to Know

In Moving to Spain by Susan & Jamie4 Comments

When we decided to spend our retirement in Spain, our biggest worry was how to get all five of our pets from the U.S. to Valencia. We spent hours on-line and made who knows how many phone calls, chasing down regulations, comparison shopping different airlines, and along the way we learned several lessons about moving to Spain with pets.