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Morning coffee

In Living and Learning by Jamie6 Comments

I was on my second cup of coffee at the Starbucks in downtown Corvallis Oregon when I noticed a cute woman walking a pair of dogs.  It was Friday morning the day after Thanksgiving. That …

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Joy is Good Enough

In Living and Learning by Susan10 Comments

With time looking both more precious due to the pandemic and more endless during the recent lockdown,  I decided to take up a new activity: oil painting.  It was actually round three for me. Once …

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My Reckoning With Hidden Consumption: Part 1 — Clothing

In Living and Learning by Susan2 Comments

One of my many interests and aspirations is to lower my impact on earth.  I feel a little guilty that I’m just getting around to this with my new retired lifestyle, but timing is everything.  …

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Our Gentle Values and Their Measures

In Living and Learning by Susan & JamieLeave a Comment

We are trying to live gently in the world, more gently than we ever have.  We’ve been at this point before, when we were young, and again, and yet again — only to fall short.  …