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Elche (Elx) Spain

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Why is Elche also called Elx? We learned something about languages in Spain when our Catalan friend Jenny taught us how to pronounce a street name that we were stumbling over.  Xàtiva sounds like Cha-tih-va.  …

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Stopping in Granada

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Our recent stopover in Granada was an entirely different experience. Due to covid restrictions, we spent six days in a city devoid of tourists. No tour guides, no crowds, hotels closed. I finally understand what inspired so many writers and artists to linger in Granada.

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Our Unexpected Stay-at-Home in the Navarrés Region of the Valencia Communidad

In Spanish Interludes by Susan4 Comments

Our escape from Las Fallas, version 2020, started with a week in the Spanish Pyrenees followed up with a week in the Basque Country. We planned for our third and final week of our Spanish …

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Sabando: A Remote Village in the Basque Country of Northern Spain

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Late last year our friends Mat and Kathryn suggested we escape the noise and crowds of Valencia’s bacchanal, better known as Las Fallas. We spent the first week of our three-week sojourn in the Spanish …

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Fiscal, Aragón: A Quiet Village in the Spanish Pyrenees

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Late last year when our friends Mat and Kat asked if we’d like to escape from Valencia with them for three weeks in March, we jumped at the chance.  Not only would we miss the …