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Walking to Ugíjar

In Active Living by Jamie1 Comment

Every morning while Susan and I are sipping coffee and waiting for sunrise, the street lights of the white villages beckon us from the coastal mountain range across the valley.  The largest village, in the …

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My One Year Yoga Challenge – Halfway

In Active Living by Susan1 Comment

I’ve spent the last six months dabbling in the world of yoga. I’ve sought out different online courses, delved into a variety of yoga styles, and observed how my mind and body responded and adapted …

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“Start Where You Are Today”

In Active Living by Jamie6 Comments

First thing each morning Susan and I head out to the Royal Gardens.  A morning walk with exercise is our favorite activity of the day.  This morning, though, we were each feeling creaky and sore.  …

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The Importance of Small Pleasures

In Active Living by Susan14 Comments

We resurfaced from the Covid-19 confinement of nearly two months with a renewed appreciation and soft spot in our hearts for the city parks of Valencia.  They represent our little “snippet” of nature until we …

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A Year of Yoga: Daily Practice

In Active Living by Susan2 Comments

About 60 days into Spain’s CV-19 stay-at-home mandate, I realized something.  Without making it a goal,  I’d practiced yoga every single day for the entire time.  Some sessions were shorter than others because some days …

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Cycling Spain’s Via Verde Ojos Negros

In Active Living, Gentle Journeys by JamieLeave a Comment

Spain’s vias verdes are cycling and hiking trails that have been developed along abandoned rail lines.  The longest of them all is Via Verde Ojos Negros.  If you ride the entire length plus the additional …