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We’re Headed to Spain

In Moving to Spain by Jamie6 Comments

It’s been a couple years, probably more, that we’ve been thinking of the next phase of our lives — living on gentle cycle.  We’ve been ready for that change, but…. what to do, where to …

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We Stumble into Adlestrop – Through the Back Door

In Cycling, United Kingdom Interludes by Susan2 Comments

When Jamie suggested a cycling vacation in England, I thought, “I’ll finally see the Cotswolds.”   Year after year I’d add “Hiking in the Cotswold Hills” to my Twenty-five Things list.   The list I write …

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I Didn’t Know “Squat” About Getting in Shape

In Outdoor Workouts by Susan2 Comments

Jumping at the local school’s playground has added tremendous leg strength. Gentle cycling is more fun when you’re really fit. When I told people we were planning a trip to cycle eight days and carry …

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How Healthy Eating Became a Habit at Our House

In Gentle Food: Whole and Plant Based by SusanLeave a Comment

On January 1, 2015, we gave ourselves six months to drop some weight.  Jamie had never purposely set out to take in fewer calories than he needed. In other words, he has never dieted.  Like …