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Julija Roslova, English speaking associate, and Ángel Giron Descalzo, Technical Director.

We just had our annual insurance review.  I can’t describe how freeing it is to have nothing but health and renter’s insurance to discuss.  It sure beats the old days when we were forking out the big bucks for homeowner’s, earthquake, auto, umbrella liability, health, and life insurance (thanks State Farm, you were good to us).  But, this is one of the ways our life is now so much simpler.

Our independent insurance agent in Valencia is Ángel Giron Descalzo.  We were introduced to Ángel through Linda Svilane at Yes Valencia  (formerly Moving to Valencia) when we needed health insurance for our non-lucrative visas.

Ángel created a group plan for Linda’s relocation clients and we’ve been happy to be part of the group for the last two years.

We were especially pleased to have this health insurance option while we were applying for our non-lucrative Spanish visa.  Ángel wrote coverage for us that met the visa requirements, he provided the necessary documentation proving coverage for the Spanish consulate (in Spanish so we didn’t have to have it translated), and he put a start date on the coverage for the day we arrived in Spain.

With Ángel You Have Options

Ángel continues to improve his offerings.  Navigating the Spanish medical system can be daunting to new residents who have limited Spanish language skills.  We know this first-hand but that should be a whole separate post - I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before!

Ángel said that he and his team learned how difficult it was to find English-speaking providers from many new clients so they decided to create a new group plan with the medical providers who cater to foreigners (meaning they have providers who speak English and many other languages).  This new plan includes a clinic in the city center called Medicality  as well as the two year old hotel-like Hospital IMED Valencia.  Both are extremely attractive medical facilities.

So, this year we had a choice -- the new plan under ASEFA or the old plan under Adeslas.  It would have been a really easy decision if this new plan with easy access to English-speaking medicos had been available when we arrived a little over two years ago.  But, what would have been the fun in that?

We’ve mastered the system now.  Well, mostly.  So far we’ve established ourselves with an English-speaking general practitioner, an opthalmalogist, and a dental clinic on our Adeslas plan.  It took some doing and I’m still going in person to make an appointment because phone calls in Spanish kill me every time.

In the end, we decided to stay with our former, cheaper (by about 30 percent) plan and be brave with our communication skills.

Ángel can put current residents or newcomers under either of these group plans, so don’t hesitate to contact his office if you are interested.  Julija is the team member who communicates with clients in English so she'll  probably be your first point of contact.

You May Want More Than Health Insurance

If you want other kinds of insurance, Ángel can help you out there too.  We have our renter’s/liability coverage through them.

We recently discovered that he offers travel insurance by the trip or by the year to cover multiple trips, each not exceeding 60 days. With so many companies not insuring travelers over 65, this was nice to learn.  We wouldn’t dare travel back to the U.S. without buying extra, temporary insurance.

If you need auto, homeowners, life, or even funeral insurance don’t hesitate to give the friendly people at Mesag Seguros a call.

Please Note: We don’t have sponsored content here on GentleCycle.  We want you to know we aren’t being paid to say or promote anything.  This is because we aim to keep our content honest.

About Mesag Seguros

Mesag. S.L, Correduría de Seguros is an expat-friendly independent insurance agency offering a wide range of insurance products that are underwritten by a broad spectrum of insurance providers in Spain. The family business was established by Ángel’s parents in 1999.

Contact Information

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  1. Thanks for the info.
    The two email links above do not work.
    I think it is because the word ” support” in the email address is misspelled. Just thought you would want to know.

    1. Hi Sara,

      You’re right. Sloppy editing on my part. I’ve corrected the errors now. Thanks for pointing the problem out.


  2. Thank you for this very helpful information! My husband and I are hoping to make the move to Valencia in April. We contacted Julija and decided to go with Adeslas. Julia was so quick to reply to all my emails and ensured that we received our insurance certificates in time for our visa application submittal date. Great service!
    I’m enjoying your blog very much. Great info about housing, public transportation and day trips! We are counting the days and keeping our fingers crossed.

    1. Hi Kim,
      Thanks for your kind comments. It helps to know that our efforts are useful.


  3. I’ve purchased a home in Competa, Malaga, and will be heading over in January. Starting down the non-lucrative visa route as well. Very timely article. Thank you.

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