A cinema marquee in Spain

Adventures in Applied Spanish – El Ciné

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A cinema marquee in Spain

I was watching the movie, Don’t Worry. He Won’t Get Far on Foot at Babel, a charming local Ciné just a few blocks from my house.  They show movies in their original language with Spanish subtitles.  Suddenly, I had an epiphany.  I was reading and understanding Spanish!

The movie has many scenes where the principal character is injured or drunk.  And he mumbles.  I had a hard time following the English dialog.  But no problem, I was tracking the movie using those Spanish subtitles!

I’ve been in Spain ten long months trying and failing to understand the Spanish language swirling around me.  At Babel I was following Spanish subtitles in real time.  Hooray for me!

I was so excited the next week I went to see Tully just to reinforce my subtitle success.

Last week’s movie was Casablanca.  It’s funny to see how subtitles don’t always fit the famous lines.  When Rick says to Ilsa, “Here’s looking at you, Kid”, the subtitle read, “A tu salud, querida”.  My literal real time translation, “to your health, dear” almost made me laugh out loud.  Not quite Bogart, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s summer, it’s hot.  I can’t think of a better way to practice Spanish as the temperatures climb than to watch a movie in a cool Spanish Ciné.

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Susan Carey retired in 2017 after a long business career most recently in animal welfare leadership.  She writes about her experiences as a recent retiree living in Spain.  Susan lives in Valencia, Spain with her husband, Jamie, and  the senior pets they brought with them from the United States.


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      Hi Victoria.

      I’ve learned that I need to establish goals to improve my Spanish language study. And bump up my desire to learn. The reward of finally understanding something was a big boost. Good luck to you.


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