Active Living: Maintaining Fitness and Health

“Pick it up, buttercup.”
Jesse, our MMA instructor

Taking personal responsibility for our own physical and mental health has been a challenge but remains a keystone value of our lives.

Except for the lost decade around middle age when we were seduced by the concerns of career, we’ve managed to keep physically active, which is to say, we went to the gym more or less regularly.  That lost decade ended when Jamie’s GP suggested it was time to consider a statin prescription.  “None of that,” Jamie decided and we took back responsibility for our physical wellbeing.

It’s been about 15 years now and we continue to review the pertinent literature and to adjust our nutrition and activities as we change, age, and learn.

Maintaining an active lifestyle has brought an abundance of reward to our lives.  We share experiences and thoughts about:

Active Living for health and fitness


One of us is a genuine yoga enthusiast. The other, not so much.
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Walks and Hikes

We find great joy in walking.  When it comes to exploring a region we often choose a footpath. Ambling seems to be the perfect pace to notice the quiet, surprising joys that nature offers. Walking helps us know the places we visit a little better.
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Cycle Touring

When we started blogging, we thought that our site would be about gentle, self-organized cycle touring.  Since then the idea evolved to "Gentle Cycle" as a life stage rather than a specific activity. There are still some posts about actual bicycle touring that you may find readable.
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Outdoor Workouts

We may not agree about the joys of yoga, but one thing is certain, we both love the idea of skipping the gym and finding ways to get our exercise under the sky in the open air. There's something special about it that sparks happiness in our hearts.
Outdoor Workouts