A Quick Note on Renewing Your Padron de Habitantes in Valencia

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After being in Spain for about two years, you’re going to get a letter from the Ayuntamiento that you probably ought not ignore.  Basically, it contains words to the effect, “Show up in person and let us know you’re still here.” Except the message is much more official sounding.

Here’s what it takes to comply.

Make an appointment online

You’ll need to go online to make an appointment here:  Cita previa para trámites de Padrón de Habitantes del Ayuntamiento de Valencia

You will need to choose one of two locations:

    C/ Amadeo de Saboya, nº 11
    Calle Periodista Azzati, 2

Pick the one that’s most convenient for you.  We’re lucky that the Tabacalera office is just a couple streets from our home and on the way to our gym.  So we just went a half  block out of our way before our morning workout.

Show up

Show up at the appointed time and bring:

  • your printed cita previa confirmation
  • your NIE card and a photocopy
  • just in case bring a bill and a photocopy too.

That's about it.

Our first padron registration was done in September of 2017.  Then, we moved and re-registered in April of 2018. When we received our letter dated June 28, 2019, it said our registration had expired or will expire soon and that we should appear in person as soon as possible.  We booked our cita previas on the 25th of  July and the first available appointment was on the 20th of August.  We had an 08:30  appointment (one for the family). It took us about 20 minutes to finish the process. At the appointment they confirmed that we do not need to renew again for two years. 

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  1. Hi Jamie and Susan,

    We are in the process of starting our Non- Lucrative Visa process. Your website was so helpful and especially relevant as we will be living in Ontinyent which is outside of Valencia.
    We will be contacting your health insurance company recommendation. Also we will be traveling with our two cats and would like your suggestions.

    We hope you are living the good life!

    Joel y Walt

    1. Author

      Hello Joel and Walt,
      Thanks for letting us know you found Life on GentleCycle to be helpful. I know Ángel will do a good job taking care of your insurance needs too.

      I’ve been thinking about writing a post or perhaps several about the logistics of slow travel with cats. There are challenges that we are working out. Our 18 and 20 yr old boys are a bit more fragile than they where when they first came into our lives.

      Meanwhile, good luck with your visa application.

      Saludos, Jamie & Susan

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